'Move the body, still the mind'

Fitness Classes

Grace Bay Beach is ranked as one of the most stunning beaches in the world. There is no better place to work out than on its pristine white sand and in one of Kim’s Beach Body Boot Camp Classes. You will get sandy, sweaty, wet, exhausted and you will love doing it in one of the most beautiful locations you will ever work out in! If you prefer, Kim will come to your private villa and teach on your deck, balcony or other suitable open space.

Here is what one of the Gansevoort Hotel guest's said about Kim Mortimer and her Beach Body Boot Camp…

“I am a workout fanatic so I attended 2 classes hosted by Kim, one of the instructors and both were awesome. I am in great shape with less than 10 percent body fat and she kicked our butts. One class was held on the beach and the sand added extra rigor. I was pleasantly whipped.”

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Drop and give me 20! This class utilizes segments of cardiovascular work, muscle conditioning and other athletic drills in a station format to ensure a complete total body workout.


This class includes muscle conditioning for every area of the body. The intensity is turned up just a bit to "power up" your workout. Complete with flexibility exercises for good measure.


A great cardio workout with an intense abdominal sequence and stretching segment all in 60-minutes. What more could you want?


Target training on the areas that we like to work most, even while on vacation on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.