'Move the body, still the mind'



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Kim Mortimer provides private yoga classes at rental villas and Grace Bay hotel locations on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands through Amphibious Adventure's Island Synergy program. The real gift of yoga that Kim emphasizes is that true yoga is not what happens on the mat but what happens off the mat. Kim Mortimer's classes embody that yoga is about letting go of the ego, meeting yourself on the mat wherever you are on any given day, being true in that moment, with your breath and in your essence. Incorporating both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice of yoga. Kim's classes integrate dynamic vinyasa flow asana with the application of precise alignment and an inner journey of self-awareness and mindfulness. She will challenge you and have you digging deep, while the whole time smiling and bringing the humility of a real person’s humor to her yoga classes as well. Kim Mortimer enjoys challenging her students, both physically and mentally helping you advance your yoga practice by listening and not demanding. Kim's vinyasa based yoga classes are playful and energetic; set to music or the sound of the waves, she will also help you surrender in one of her yin yoga classes.

YOGA CLASSES: All levels welcome

Anyone on the journey to health and well-being, from the beginner to the more experienced yoga student will leave any of Kim Mortimer's yoga classes feeling completely transformed and wide awake! There will always be modifications, so you can work at the level best suited for you. Classes are typically 60 minutes long but Kim will schedule any amount of time you desire for your personalized yoga class.


Perfect for new and experienced yoga students alike! Try this yoga class with gentle movement and stretch, breathing techniques, and relaxation to help disconnect from the stressors of life. You will be given plenty of explanation on alignment and sequence, as you enjoy the excitement of discovering the journey to health and well-being.  

YOGA: All Levels 
This class is really about Kim sharing all her knowledge into one class. She caters the class completely to the needs of her students and each class is a unique and organic adventure. Often asked after class ‘what type of yoga was that’ as guests are keen to take it again elsewhere, Kim’s answer is BLENDED YOGA!   

VINYASA FLOW: All Levels  
The vinyasa flow style of yoga class takes you through a series of poses that are linked together and synced with the breath. We flow through the asanas connecting each sequence with a vinyasa. This keeps the body warm and engaged throughout the practice. It is a beautiful, dynamic style of flow yoga that maintains a playful and dance-like quality. It combines flexibility, strength, power, and balance.  

POWER FLOW: Advanced 
To build strength, conditioning, and flexibility, this yoga class provides it all. Get the blood and breath flowing with this power sequence of flowing yoga with precise and healthy alignment. Expect to have a great time, detoxify, stretch, rest at the end and get your sweat on!  

Relaxing, regenerative, meditative, and supportive held poses leave you feeling nourished and well-rested. Allowing you to work on the deeper “yin” tissues of your ligaments, joints, deep fascia networks, and even your bones. Yin yoga is the perfect complement to most “yang” yoga practices as well as most athletic disciplines. This class is about achieving optimal flexibility, health, and vitality. You will leave feeling grounded and very deeply relaxed.  

Our bodies are swathed from head to toe in fascia, layers of connective tissue that surround every muscle, bone, nerve, and organ in the body. In this class, we will open and release the connective tissue (fascia) in the body in a direct way utilizing props such as tennis balls and blocks in commonly congested areas on the body also known as a trigger point. Complimenting this with yin and restorative yoga poses, which are also beneficial for fascia release. Discover a new way of healing; explore the potential to release and let go into a softer and suppler body and mind.